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Sales are the life blood of any business.  If there are no sales, there is no business.  Learn techniques and skills to close more deals and turn your customers into raving fans.  Also learn how to leverage the resources you already have and become more efficient, closing more sales with less work through automation.


My podcast is a great way to dip your toes into the BizTweaks pool.  You will learn valuable insight into business processes, marketing, sales, and management which you will be able to put into action in your own business for phenomenal results.


The BizTweaks blog and youtube channel is my place to talk about current business, efficiency and software trends.  Some posts tie into the podcasts, some stand on their own two feet, but all of them bring you great information in a comprehensive and engaging ways.  Also, charts and graphs! (my favorite).








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Kyle Sasser

Kyle Sasser

Kyle Sasser has been a business owner for over 20 years.  He is driven by a desire to help others find their success rapidly and with integrity.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The only useful advice is the type that can be implemented easily with measurable results.  BizTweaks is all about simple and effective things you can do every day to boost your business.  After all, even building a spaceship is nothing more than a sequence of simple steps.

Learn a new technique or action, and the reasons behind it, and why it works.

Apply the technique to your own business or sales process via my Simple Step Methodology.

Measure the impact on your business.  After all, if it doesn’t impact your business, is it really valuable?


Winners Quit First – Knowing When It’s Time For A Change

Persistence is not the key to success. This common myth (and Instagram ‘motivator’ trope) needs to die. Visit the Biztweaks Website Subscribe to the BizTweaks Podcast Subscribe to the Biztweaks...

Kyle’s Story – My Business Background, Telecom, IT, Real Estate, and How We Got to Here

They say if you’d like to get to know someone, try walking a mile in his shoes. I say, hard to do that without a map to know where they’ve walked! In this episode, I (BizTweaks founder and host Kyle Sasser) show you my personal business journey. What got...

New Capital One Hack exposes 100,000,000 people

Yet Another Data Breach – Capital One Breach Affects 100,000,000 people 140,000 Social Security Numbers80,000 bank account numbers Estimated Costs of Breach: $150,000,000Capital One Revenue: $28,000,000,000Capital One Profit: $5,710,000,0002.6% of profit,1/2% of...

Best Password Manager App

Want to know what the best password manager app is? Keeping your passwords in a notebook, excel spreadsheet, or god forbid on a post-it note stuck to your monitor is a recipe for disaster. After all, there is no way for you to know who has found those sheets of paper...

User your iPhone as a Ruler! [or your computer monitor….]

Using your iPhone as a ruler [or your computer monitor] isn’t as crazy as it sounds! It happens to the best of us. You have something that just HAS to be measured. You want to make sure the fit is perfect. But you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape. What...

Evaluate A Business Plan – Always Work Through The Numbers

Evaluating a Business Plan? Make sure you always work through the numbers. what does that mean, and how do you know what numbers to concentrate on? Have an example of someone not checking their numbers before moving forward? Got a story to tell about a startup or a...

How To Get Leads From Online Forums – Podfest 2019 Pecha Kucha Presentation

If you’ve been wondering how to get leads from online forums, look no further! Many try, and fail, to create business opportunities on online forums such as Facebook Groups, Reddit, or the thousands of other specific niche websites like the Ice Chewing Forum. Avoid...

Sales Training – How to Make Sales Easier – Identify Your Customer’s Pain Points

There’s one secret you need to make the job of selling your goods and services easier. You see, everyone thinks that sales is convincing (at best) or tricking (at worst) people into giving you money for a product or a service. IT’S NOT! Or at least, it...

Mileage Tracker – Best Mileage Tracker App for 2019

A Mileage Tracker is a tool that automatically keeps track of your trips, and allows you to categorize them as business or personal expenses. Why would you want to do that? Did you know that the IRS will give you $0.58 a mile for ever mile driven for a business...

What’s the Best Noteook (and Why) [LEUCHTTURM 1917]

What’s the Best Notebook? This might not be a question you’ve ever asked yourself, but a great notebook is like a steak dinner vs gruel. If you take notes (and if you’re in business or sales I hope you are), treat yourself to something that’s...

Who Am I

Kyle Sasser

Kyle Sasser

Small and Medium Sized Business Expert

I am a long time entrepreneur and have run or managed small and medium-sized operations.  I fully believe that there are no real secrets to business, all that is required is the persistent application of the right actions.

I have sold online and over the phone, have started up more than a few companies, and have managed teams of people and designed large business processes for complicated procedures.  I’m not going to lie, some were failures, but the majority met with success.

My Philosophy

I firmly believe that almost every small and medium sized business face the same problems.

Most smaller businesses are not sending people to the moon.

What I’ve found in talking with other business owners, is that we all have the same problems.

  • How do I make more sales?
  • How do I increase revenue?
  • How do I hire the best employees?
  • When and how should I grow?
  • What’s the best marketing I can do for my business?

And everyone has figured out their own little answer to these questions that every small business has.

My idea, is to provide both my own answers I’ve successfully used in my own business as well as providing a place where other business owners and professionals have experienced their own success can share their knowledge with you.

With everyone sharing their own valuable knowledge, you will be able to choose the solution that is a good fit for your business.


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St Petersburg, FL 33732

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