2 Hour Strategy Session


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What to Expect

A strategy session is all about you.

And I make sure that my strategy sessions are custom tailored for you, your needs, and what goals you want to achieve.  This is not a puffy chit chat where we talk about mindset or I give you some books to read.  Trust me, I’ve dealt with enough coaches and so-called gurus that if that’s all I’m bringing to the table, you’d be better off taking a trip to the library of Amazon.com yourself.

What you and I will talk about is a deep dive into a specific issue you currently have in your business, or a goal or target that you would like to hit with your business, and then we’re going to put together a plan that’s going to take you there.

How It works

Once you sign up for a strategy session, there is a specific sequence of events that will happen:

  1. Schedule
    • You will receive an email with a link to schedule a initial 15 minute introductory call.
    • You will also receive a short questionnaire so that I can get to you know you and your business a bit better.
  2. Intro Call
    • You and I will have a 15 minute call at your preferred time.
    • You will have a chance to discuss your current issues, goals, and some possible strategies to plan.
    • I will take the information you’ve given me along with your goals and prepare a suitable winning strategy for you.
  3. Strategy Session(s)
    • You will then scheduled one or more strategy calls at times that work for you.
    • During these calls we will go over the overall strategy, steps to take, and set targets and goals.
    • Multiple calls can be necessary to check progress and fine tune the strategy with what is or is not working.  For this reason instead of one two hour call it may be better to schedule multiple 30 minute meetings.
  4. Success Roadmap
    • You will be able to share your success, and bring up issues you found and possible solutions and work arounds.
    • You will be give a Goal Road Map with some key things you should continue to focus on to achieve your goals.


I personally guarantee that after completing the 2 Hour Strategy Session and receiving your Success Roadmap you will be absolutely 100% satisfied.  If you are not completely satisfied after fully completing this course, I will happily refund you your entire purchase.

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