Selling on Amazon Boot Camp

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Selling on Amazon Bootcamp

Want to sell on Amazon? My complete Amazon training bootcamp will take you from green to grand in just 4 short hours.

And if you find that’s not the case…

You’ll Pay Nothing!

It only happens once a month with limited seating, so sign up early!

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Bootcamp Instruction Rapidly Teaches What You Need To Know

When you want to make a drastic change, when you want to drop kick knowledge into your brain, when you want to rapidly get up to speed… you need a boot camp.  My Boot Camps distill all of the details you need to know, compresses them into easily digestible bites, and then fires them directly into your cerebral cortex, combined with the interactivity of live instruction.  Ensuring your complete comprehension of the subject matter.


Being able to recognize products with the right characteristics and profit potential is the crucial first step.


Crafting a great listing is what allows your product to be discovered, and convinces customers to make the purchase.


How to turbo-charge your products and accelerate your success.  You can’t make a dud go, but you can make a product sell more and faster

Amazon accounts for over 44% of ALL online sales. Isn’t it time you learned how to take advantage of that?

My Story – The Money Problem

You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars to be an Amazon success.

There came a point in time, about 4 years ago, where I was irritated. I wanted to do more things and help more people, but there were only so many hours a day, and I was exhausted when I got home from work.

But still, I looked around and thought, “There must be more to life than 9-5 for peanuts. I need to change to my situation.”

I started looking around but couldn’t find something that was a great fit because I had a lot of things going against me, keeping me from easy success.

I only had a few hours to spare.

I didn’t have thousands of dollars cash to go into real estate investing, or to purchase a existing business with.

And I absolutely didn’t have a rich family member who I could lean on for a business loan.

On top of that, the few “Experts” and “Gurus” that put on seminars that I was able to attend… well, let’s just say they were very light on actual nuts and bolts and were geared mainly to upsell attendees into their very expensive coaching courses.

So I set off on my own, starting with just a few hundred dollars.

The best time to get started is now.

Selling on Amazon Bootcamp
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What I Learned

After much trial and error and many thousands of dollars spent on dead ends, I found the way to make money every month with just a small amount of time invested.

Selling white labeled products on Amazon.

It checked all of the boxes that I was looking for:



I don’t have a lot of spare time, so I needed something that was not going to require 60 hours of attention every week.



I wanted where if I followed some simple tasks in order, I would achieve the same successful results.



It needed to no rely on my labor, or hiring on additional personnel. I wanted the ability to grow it as huge as I could make it.


You will not be charged for this value packed Selling on Amazon Bootcamp until you are fully satisfied with what you have learned. If for any reason after fully participating, you feel that there was not enough value in this Amazon Boot Camp, you will not be charged.

Benefits of Selling White Label Products on Amazon

You can get started with limited funds. $0-$1000 is perfect.

No large time investment. You only need a few hours a month.

Get started immediately. Don’t have to wait for website build or pay for traffic.

Scalable. Amazon can ship as many as you can sell or supply.

Easy to learn and intuitive process.


After discovering selling white label products on Amazon, I went about refining and perfecting the process so that it is scaleable.

After all, what’s the point in selling 5 items for $50?  I wanted to sell thousands of items and make tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the years, I refined and simplified my system so that it would work on almost any item in any category.

And now I want to share the exact system I use with you.

Bootcamp Sections


Finding Your Products

Being able to evaluate profitability is key to whether you should sell it on Amazon. I will show you how to gauge whether your product will sell and for how much.

Buying From Suppliers

If you buy right, you can make money off of any product. Learn how to deal with domestic and international suppliers such as Alibaba.


Crafting Your Amazon Listing

Learn the three most important factors for your Amazon listing, how to get your product seen by customers and what the dozens of Amazon fields are for.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), why you want to use it, how to prepare shipments to Amazon, and how to manage your inventory and replenishments.

Boosting Your Sales

How to put an item that is getting a few sales into hyperdrive, accelerating profits and income into your pocket!

Bonus Materials

Profit Evaluation Worksheet

$150 value

This automated spreadsheet helps you evaluate potential products, including purchase price, sales price, estimated revenues, expenses and potential profit. It also helps you to manage your inventory and reorder points which are critical parts to monitor in any successful business.

Eternal Amazon Course Access

$19.99 value

You will be given permanent access to all Level 1 Amazon Courses on So even if you forget some key element from the Bootcamp, you can go back and review via my great online course.

Free Webinar Access

$99 value

You’ll gain FREE access to my Amazon webinars and discussion groups, where you will be able to get your questions answered and discuss topics with other Amazon sellers.

Biztweaks Website Access

$237 value

You’ll automatically get 3 months access to all corners of the BizTweakswebsite. This includes private discussion forums as well as additional training courses.

Free Group Coaching Sessions

$360 value

As an added bonus, you’ll also recieve 3 passes to my monthly group coaching sessions. Group coaching is a great way to elevate your Amazon sales game, and get your specific needs and questions addressed, as well as learning from others.

Free One on One Coaching Call

$400 value

For a limited time only, all students will receive a FREE One-On-One Coaching call with me. You will be able to share your goals with me, and we can put togheter a plan of action and a timeline to accomplish them, as well as answering any questions you may have.


That would cost you OVER $1,246 if you were to purchase each bonus item seperately.

But exclusively for this Selling on Amazon Bootcamp, I have combined everything into an easy package for…

ONLY $69.99

The best time to get started is now.

Selling on Amazon Bootcamp
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I guarantee that you will be so blown away by this boot camp, that you will be so armed with all of the Amazon Knowledge you will need to sell products on Amazon, that my Guarantee is this: You won’t pay me until after you’re satisfied.

My Experience

Dollars In Amazon Sales in One Year

Products For Sale on Amazon

Years Succesfully Selling on Amazon

Years of Online Sales Experience


Is this something I can actually do?

Yes, Absolutely.  With my simple process that I will teach you, you will be able to implement and build your own Amazon business.  I have made sure to break down the process into simple executable steps, so all you need to do is complete them, one after the other.

Can I really do this with $0?

Yes, and I tell you how in the course.  If you will be buying products, $300 is about the minimum your will need to get started.  But you can absolutely start with $0.

I've heard of Amazon shutting down accounts. Is that something I should worry about?

While Amazon does police their sellers, in my course I give you the full run down on how to deal with Amazon and (even better) how to avoid issues with them in the first place!

Does your course cover buying reviews or other marketplace manipulations?

NO.  My course does not cover black or grey hat manipulation of Amazon’s systems.  Why?  Because Amazon will penalize you eventually.  I’ve investigate these tools, overall they don’t work well anymore, and you can 100% make a product a success without them.

What if I don't like the course?

If you feel like there was not enough value in the course for you, please take advantage of my 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The best time to get started is now.

Selling on Amazon Bootcamp
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What my students say

This course rocks!  This course delivers the information and mindset needed to startup your Amazon business.  Kyle does not sugar coat it, making money takes work.  However a little hard work pays off in the end.  Check it out, apply the skills, and start earning.  Thanks Kyle!

Eddie S


You will not be charged for this value packed Selling on Amazon Bootcamp until you are fully satisfied with what you have learned. If for any reason after fully participating, you feel that there was not enough value in this Amazon Boot Camp, you will not be charged.

My Philosophy

when building a business, you need to stay focused on one goal. I call it Smart Simplicity. At its core, Smart Simplicity makes obvious sense.

Anything that has value by its nature going to be complicated. Your job, break a complicated process down to it’s simplest parts and automate or make them as efficient as possible when taken as a whole.

But just like anything else that sounds deceptively simple, in practice it gets complicated QUICK.

Luckily, with my courses, you can quickly learn what works, and maybe more importantly what doesn’t work to rapidly bring your own business up to speed.

I fully believe and embrace sharing both my successes and failures, because you can find knowledge and insight in both. And honestly, knowing they WHY something doesn’t work is where we truly learn HOW it work


Kyle Sasser

Kyle Sasser

Small and Medium Sized Business Expert

I am a long time entrepreneur and have run or managed small and medium-sized operations.  I fully believe that there are no real secrets to business, all that is required is the persistent application of the right actions.  I have sold online and over the phone, have started up more than a few companies, and have managed teams of people and designed large business processes for complicated procedures.  I’m not going to lie, some were failures, but the majority met with success.


A special limited time offer

For the next few weeks, along with your course you will receive a FREE coaching phone call with me, Kyle Sasser. This call is typically 15-20 minutes in length and I will answer your questions as well as advise you on next steps to take. This offer is a $200 VALUE!

I've combined everything into this Selling On Amazon Bootcamp for just...

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