St Pete Business Builders – Avalanche of Apps [Dozens of Productivity Apps Reviewed]

If you’ve ever found yourself in a roadblock with your business, wondering….

– How do I create social medium posts
– How do I easily post to multiple social media accounts
– How do I keep track of my customers
– How to I manage all of my transactions and projects
– How to automatically schedule appointments with clients
– How to call a lot of customers quickly
– How to cheaply wardial clients
– How to create a website
– How to and organize personal notes
– How to keep track of expenses
– How to keep track of receipts
– How to track mileage
– How to monitor social media accounts
– How to know what topics you should talk about
– How to know what you shoudl write blog articles about
– How you can automate smart phone tasks
– How to repurpose content
– How to track what you’re spending all your time on
– How to automate and connect different systems to each other easily

Then this is the presentation for you! Yes, it is along video, but it is absolutely PACKED with great information and I guarantee you will probably learn something you didn’t already know.

If you’re in St Petersburg, FL and would like to attend a future meeting, we meet every first Thursday at 7pm at Suncoast Developers Guild on Central Ave.

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