Kyle’s Story – My Business Background, Telecom, IT, Real Estate, and How We Got to Here

They say if you’d like to get to know someone, try walking a mile in his shoes.

I say, hard to do that without a map to know where they’ve walked!

In this episode, I (BizTweaks founder and host Kyle Sasser) show you my personal business journey.

What got me started down the path of owning and managing business?

Just what sort of qualities do I bring to the table that the thousands of other business consultants and gurus don’t (hint…. it has to do with a focus of pragmatic business and not a lot of mindset jumbo mumbo).

What was my earliest business failure (it was fashion accessories). What sort of business success have I built?

And overall, what is the philosophy of BizTweaks, and why exactly am I divulging these secrets?

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