The Best CRM – My #1 Business Secret
The Best CRM is the one you use. What all can the best CRM on the market do? And I have to confide to you…. it’s my #1 business secret. The one thing that gives me the edge over my competitors!

A great CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) software should become the hub of all of your business activities. Obviously, it should have a list of all of your customers, phone numbers, and email addresses.

But when you really want to hit the accelerator on your business, you need to leverage the power of an amazing system. To put it succinctly…. a great CRM is like hiring 10 of the best employees!

I evaluate CRMs every few years, seeing if there’s any standouts or someone that has taken the lead. It is so important that if something better were to come along, I’d switch in a heartbeat. Every time, I stick with the same system that I’ve used for the last 10 years.

I have created millions and millions of dollars in revenue, in industries as diverse as telecom and networking equipment to real estate with this simple to use and very well supported CRM.

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